Spark Plug Wire Crimpers

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  • Vintage Wire Ratcheting Ignition Wire Crimpers
  • Overmolded grips and properly contoured crimping jaw and cutter ensure a perfect crimp.  Every time!


You know you've been there before.  You bought a brand new set of custom silicone spark plug wires but forgot to buy the crimpers.  "Sometimes you just have to improvise!" is what your grandfather always said and you reach for that pair of hand me down needle nose to try to get the terminal crimp tight enough to hold the conductor.  Too much and you pierce the silicone jacket.  Not enough and you'll be 10 miles down the road when the crimp falls apart and you're stranded on the side of the road.  We've all been there.

Or you could just buy our crimper.  We looked high and low for an affordable tool that will give you the perfect crimp for a reliable connection.  They're ratcheting and have the correct die to ensure your crimp is perfect.

It's the right tool for the right job.  Grandpa said that too.

Don't bother trying to to use your grandfather's needle nose to crimp your Vintage Wires: buy this tool!

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